Outdoor LED Signs

The Surefire Full Color LED Display system is one of the best all climate, outdoor sign systems in the LED display industry. Each system is built from our all aluminum sign cabinet enclosure and is completed with our series of full color front mount universal chassis LED modules.

Cloud Control

Unlock the power of our LED signs, seamlessly integrated with our Cloud platform. Experience the convenience of multi-user control, accessible from any device – be it a PC, Mac, phone, or tablet – as long as you have an internet connection and a browser. Take command of your signage with unparalleled ease and accessibility. 

Weather Reporting

Access and showcase real-time weather information on your LED screen effortlessly through our cloud server integration. 

Front Service

Surefire LED signs are designed for user-friendly maintenance, allowing easy access and servicing directly from the front. This feature ensures convenient and efficient handling of any maintenance or adjustments, streamlining the overall user experience.

High Brightness

At SureFire, we utilize the most advanced brightness chipset to optimize LED brightness, setting a new standard in the industry. 

Edge to Edge Screens

SureFire displays offer edge-to-edge viewing, eliminating wasted space caused by large frames around your display. Enjoy a seamless and immersive visual experience without any unnecessary obstructions. 

Cluster Mangement

Effortlessly oversee multiple locations through a user-friendly software, all from a single account. Simplify your management tasks and enhance efficiency with seamless control across various locations. 

Surefire Custom Aluminum Cabinet

The Surefire sign cabinet surpasses the ordinary hinged steel sign cabinets. Engineered as the cornerstone of the Surefire Sign system, this cabinet is meticulously designed for minimal maintenance, enduring durability, and optimal protection for vital sign components against the elements. Our custom-built sign cabinet features a sealed, all-aluminum high-strength extrusion enclosure, deliberately crafted without doors or hinges to mitigate potential liquid and particle ingress issues. Every connection point is waterproofed and rated IP65 or higher, ensuring imperviousness to dust, foreign particles, and water.

Our choice of aluminum for manufacturing is deliberate, considering its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, widespread availability, and favorable chemical properties. Aluminum, being over 30% lighter than steel, is naturally corrosion-resistant. The Surefire Sign Cabinet can be swiftly and accurately manufactured in almost any size, including outdoor LED billboards. Resilient to rust and the elements, each cabinet is coated with our industrial-strength, flame-resistant, waterproof epoxy finish, guaranteeing long-lasting durability without chipping or scratching.

LED Sign Modules

Surefire Sign LED modules are meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse range of applications, ensuring perfection down to individually serviceable pixels. The Full Color LED modules feature high NITS LEDs, ensuring visibility and vibrancy even in direct sunlight. Each module incorporates Surefire Sign's Modu-Lock technology, facilitating swift and easy front-service installation, removal, or service access.

The Modu-Lock system revolutionizes the traditional installation approach by replacing screws, anchor clips, hooks, and loose hardware with an integrated cam lock and tensioning system. A simple half turn of the Modu-Lock key secures, seals, releases, or extracts any module from the sign cabinet. All LED modules in our Full Color and High Definition series adhere to the Surefire Sign Universal Module Chassis (UMC) design. Regardless of pitch or matrix, each module shares the same physical size and utilizes the identical Modu-Lock interface in our outdoor sign series.

Similarly, our custom cabinets are designed to accommodate the universal module chassis. This thoughtful design ensures that when Surefire Sign's electronic components reach the end of their service life, the sign enclosure, a significant cost component, can be promptly refitted with newer, higher-resolution LED panels and control components. This allows for the effective transformation and redeployment of the sign as a practically new and upgraded display.

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