About Us

SureFire Sign originated from a dedication to exceptional quality and reliability. Fueled by a commitment to craft and deliver top-notch EMC products, these visionaries were resolute in creating a product that was guaranteed to excel. This commitment gave rise to SureFire Sign. With a collective experience of over 77 years in the sign sales business, we possess a profound understanding of the issues and challenges confronting the sign industry.
Rather than merely adapting to subpar quality by relying on robust tech support, which has become a common practice, our founders have set a different standard. Acknowledging the frustration experienced by both sellers and end-users in such situations, our founders insist on elevated manufacturing standards within the industry. This insistence results in highly reliable displays and, consequently, an overall increase in customer satisfaction.

Meet the team.

James Battaglia

Founder & CEO

Steve Johnson

Co-Founder & COO

Damien Eker

IT Specialist/Technical & Customer Support

Perry Powell

National Channel Sales Manager

Brody Johnson

Technical & Customer Support

Blake Piper

Marketing Manager

Larry Robbins

Territory Channel Rep

Linea Powell

Territory Channel Rep

Kendra Lewis

Territory Channel Rep

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