Who we are

SureFire Sign Inc. is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and designer of custom LED Screens.

SureFire Sign Inc. was founded in the Kansas City Missouri metro area. With 50 + years combined experience in the sign industry, the founders came together to form Surefire Sign with one singular vision; to manufacture the best LED Sign system. After years of hard work, engineering, prototyping and testing, the Surefire LED Sign system was born. The partners, however, did not stop there. They resolved to build a better business altogether.

The partners had some legitimate grievances against the way business was being conducted in the outdoor sign industry, and rightfully so. They found themselves frustrated with the limitations of the hardware being supplied by existing outdoor sign manufacturers. Some manufacturers were using subpar components in poorly designed systems, which were causing premature product failures. These early product failures left sign owners unable to realize a proper return on their marketing investments.

Stranded with broken display systems, owners found themselves stuck with making “between a rock or a hard place” decisions. They could pursue repairs, often costly from the difficulty of servicing these units and sourcing their proprietary legacy parts, or they could simply start over and buy a new sign system. Sadly, even if owners elected to repair, they often faced additional early sign failure again… a result of the same inherent design problems that precipitated the original failure(s).

Other sign companies were providing decent products, but often relied on a sales force with little if any professional integrity. Too many times the SureFire Sign founders had stumbled into situations where the purchaser had been promised one thing by an unscrupulous sales representative, only to have a completely different product delivered and installed, simply because a sales rep pushed to close a sale at a certain price point that didn’t correspond with the actual product being demonstrated and promoted.

SureFire Sign Inc. was founded as the solution to these problems. Built on the cornerstones of excellence, honesty, integrity, and innovation. Surefire Sign was created to provide a superior LED Sign System without sacrificing value or quality. We are resolved to provide the best experience, product, and post-purchase support. Today, Surefire Sign Inc. uses their innovative line of products, comprehensive services, and our back to the basics approach to business to help other companies reach their branding, marketing, and customer visibility goals.

Our philosophy
Surefire Sign always delivers a great product, a positive experience, and an excellent value to our customers.
Goals & values
  1. Offering an honest and transparent sales process.

  2. Providing a superior product and technology.

  3. Providing the right products for each customer.

  4. Respecting project timelines, always on time delivery.

  5. Professional installations done quickly and correctly

We are proud to work with
John Deere
Harley Davidson
Dairy Queen
Country Club Bank
Derstler Lumber
Our experience

Surefire Sign inc. brings a broad base of expertise and a wealth of experience to the table. Here are just a few of the things that our customers get to benefit from when they work with us for their LED Display needs.

Electrical Component Design
Material and Environmental Design
Consumer Psychology & Marketing
Services & products
Surefire LED Products

Surefire offers its own complete line of perfectly engineered LED display product solutions. Our comprehensive product line can bring any project to life.

Authorized Surefire Resellers

Become a Surefire distributor. Purchase our Surefire exclusive LED systems at wholesale, and forget about ever having supply side or material problems again.

Graphics and Video Design Services

Make sure your Surefire Sign always has its best foot forward. Let Surefire’s creative team professionally animate and produce your video ads.

Support & Training

We proudly support all of our customers and distributors right from our own midwest company headquarters so you can skip the unintelligible outsourced support calls.

Engineering & Construction Services

Surefire handles all the complex logistics of sign projects. We coordinate design, engineering, fabrication, construction, and installation.