Surefire Sign offers professional ad video content production services. Our award winning creative team can assist sign owners in creating stunning and visually engaging advertising content for their LED Signs. You can count on Surefire Sign to keep your sign content current with advertising content that has been custom built to strategically maximize your sign’s viewer engagement.

Sign content is just as important as the technical specifications and capabilities of the digital sign it is placed onto, however it is often the part that is most easily overlooked . It is extremely important to use high quality, professionally produced advertising and digital content. Even the most technically capable LED sign is completely ineffective without strong engaging advertising content.

Our creative team has extensive experience in advertising, video content production, and consumer behavior psychology. The content that we create for digital advertising purposes is more than just pretty content, there is a very real science behind how we display your promotional material. Surefire Sign uses marketing psychology to ensure that the right mix of visuals, text, and timing are used to create the most impactful, and human retainable content, in turn delivering more customer engagement.


Surefire Sign Animated Graphics Demo

Animation Services

Surefire Sign’s award-winning graphics design team can make make your ads come to life with persuasive, powerful LED graphic animations. We offer video content production solutions as simple as personalizing a mix of clips from our stock clip resource library, to full custom video clip content creation. Call us today or email us to discuss your ad needs.

Stock Art and Video Clip Packages

Surefire Sign offers royalty-free stock art and animation clip packages for purchase to assist your in house marketing team in creating their own LED Sign content. These eye-catching asset packages include still image and animated graphic files that help capture customer attention all year round.

Available packages include the Holiday Animation Package, Financial Animation Package, Hotel Animation Package, and Church and School Animation Package.

Custom Animation Services

Ready to take your sign content to the next level? Just give us your LED display pixel size and color to receive a free design quote. Our talented video content production artists are experts at creating impactful customized LED graphics for any size display. Let our production team help you take full advantage of your LED display’s advertising potential, and contact us today.

Our Custom Animation Packages start at $550 for 10 files up to 15 seconds each.