Applications Include:

  • Concerts
  • Fairs
  • Corporate Evens
  • Festivals
  • Theatrical Effects
  • Musical Venues
  • Sporting Events
  • Political Events

Product Description:

The Surefire Portable LED Display System (often referred to casually as a Rental LED Display) is the perfect display solution to use when both portability and uncompromising image quality are required. Our rental LED series is extremely flexible. The system can be quickly and securely deployed in hanging or stacked configurations as needed. The modular design of our Portable LED screen panels allows users to create a customized screen surface of virtually any size anywhere, and set-up and tear-down is a breeze as well.

This Portable LED system truly provides an on demand turn key video wall solution whenever and wherever one is needed. The package comes complete with rugged yet lightweight 24″ x 24″ square interlocking LED display panels, digital processing, power racks, and cabling… everything anybody might need need for easy setup and go.

The Surefire Indoor Portable LED Display modules are engineered to deliver fantastic graphical clarity. They are not designed for exterior use, and should not be deployed into environments where water and elemental exposure is a probable risk. All modules in the indoor portable series are capable of handling text, images and video with brilliant color, and perform well in close viewing proximity.

LED Modules are available in the following configurations

P7.62 Series (7.26 MM Pitch)

P6 Series (6 MM Pitch)

P5 Series (5 MM Pitch)

P4 Series (4 MM Pitch)

Indoor Portable LED Display multi-angle view
Indoor Series Portable LED Display Multi Angle View

The Surefire Outdoor Portable Module is available in a single configuration. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage holding an IP65 frontal rating and a IP54 rear rating. This module is substantially brighter than the indoor panels to still deliver an exceptional experience even when competing in direct sunlight.

P10 Series (10 MM Pitch)

Outdoor Portable LED Display Module Multi Sided View
Outdoor Portable LED Display Module (Rental LED Panel) Multi Sided View