Applications Include:

  • Building Mounted Signage
  • Pole Signs
  • Message Centers
  • Monument Signs
  • Flat Panel Flush Mounted Store Signage
  • Architectural Accents

Product Description:

Surefire Sign manufactures custom lighted box signs using a variety of techniques and materials. Our design and manufacturing team can create any desired sign aesthetic, matching your your corporate colors on the sign face to the exterior paint colors precicely. Our lighted box signs can be constructed as single face or dual face units from a variety of face materials and illumination technique options.

Sign faces can be manufactured using Flat Aluminum, Flat Polymer, Pan-formed Polymer and Flat Routed Aluminum with Polymer Push-Thrus. Sign faces have the option to be illuminated internally, externally, or non illuminated. Polymer faces have the option to be manufactured from vacuum formed, molded Acrylic, Acrysteel or Polycarbonate plastics, and can be further styled with raised or embossed letters (sometimes called bubble faces).

Our custom lighted box sign frames (sometimes called light boxes or sign cans) are manufactured from all aluminum frame extrusions, or aluminum skinned steel frames to provide uncompromising strength, weather resistance, and longevity. Extruded aluminum frames can accomodate 6-10″ deep frames. Larger cabinets required the steel support frame.

Configuration Options:

Cabinet: All Aluminum Extrusion or Aluminum skinned Steel Frame

Face: Single Face or Double-Sided

Face Material: Flat Routed Aluminum with Acrylic Push-Thru, Flat Aluminum, Flat Acrylic, Flat Lexan, Pan-formed.

Mounting: Wall Mounted with nutserts and aluminum studs, Double 90 brackets or Flat Bar Brackets, Pole Mounted – Pole Well, Side Mounted with square Tube, Match Plate Mounting, Cabinet Mounting hardware is placed as needed to support the size, shape, and structure of the project.

Internal Lighting: Fluorescent light bulb, LEDs, or Neon