Applications Include:

  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Pole Signs
  • Message Centers
  • Video Walls
  • Sporting Event (Jumbo-tron) Displays

Key Features:

Universal Module Chassis

All Full Color LED modules past, present, and future are built on the same size and cabinet mount technology. Upgrades have never been easier… or cheaper.

Single Piece Constructed Cabinet

A sign enclosure with no hinges and doors means no seals to fail or leak and damage the sign.

Introducing Modu-Lock

Our innovative Modu-Lock system enables easy, hardware-less LED module installation or removal from the sign cabinet with just a half key turn.

Front Service Modules

LED modules are easily accessible right from the front face of the LED display, and can install and extract easily if service or maintenance is ever required.

Product Description:

The Surefire Full Color LED Display system is one of the best all climate, outdoor sign systems in the LED display industry. Each system is built from our all aluminum sign cabinet enclosure and is completed with our series of full color front mount universal chassis LED modules. The Surefire Full Color LED Cabinets system is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Surefire LED Modules are available in a variety of pixel pitches to fit any required use and budget, and are engineered to produce excellent image quality in all exterior applications.

Surefire Custom Aluminum Cabinet

The Surefire sign cabinet is not your average hinged steel sign cabinet. Designed to be the foundation of the Surefire Sign system, we engineered this cabinet to require minimal maintenance, stand the test of time, and properly protect and support critical sign components from anything that mother nature could throw at it. Our sign cabinet is a custom designed and manufactured sealed all aluminum high-strength extrusion enclosure. We deliberately designed an enclosure with no doors or hinges to eliminate as many potential liquid/particle ingress liabilities as possible. All connection points are waterproofed and rated IP65 or higher (dust, foreign particles, and water can’t get inside).

We chose to manufacture from aluminum because of it’s exceptional strength to weight ratio, high natural availability, and it’s desirable chemical properites. Aluminum is more than 30% lighter than steel, and is a naturally non corroding material. The Surefire Sign Cabinet can be manufactured quickly and easily without sacrificing accuracy or precision to almost any size needed, including outdoor LED billboard. It never succumbs to rust and is easily able to resist the elements of nature. Each cabinet is finished in our industrial strength, flame resistant, waterproof, poxy coating that will never chip or scratch.

Full Color LED Sign Modules

Surefire Sign LED modules have been designed to meet a wide range of applications, and have been engineered with perfection right down to the individually servicable pixels. The Full Color LED modules are manufactured using high NITS LEDs so that they remain visible and vibrant even in direct sunlit conditions. Each LED module utilizes Surefire Sign’s own Modu-Lock technology to enable quick and easy, front service installation, removal, or service access. The Modu-Lock system replaces traditional screws, anchor clips, hooks, and other loose hardware traditionally used to install or remove LED modules, in favor of an innovative fully inbuilt cam lock and tensioning system that requires only a half turn of the Modu-Lock key to secure and seal, or to release and extract any module from the sign cabinet.

Each LED module in our Full Color and High Definition series are designed on the Surefire Sign Universal Module Chassis (UMC). Regardless of the pitch or matrix, every single one of our modules in our outdoor sign series is manufactured to the same physical size, and use the exact same Modu-Lock interface. Likewise, our custom cabinet have been manufactured to accept our universal module chassis. Because of this, even when a Surefire Sign’s electronic components reach the end of their useful service life, the sign enclosure, which is a major cost component of any sign, can easily and quickly be refitted with newer higher resolution LED panels and control components, and redeployed as an effectively new sign.

P20 (20 MM Pitch) Recommended for text and image applications only. For best results, viewing distance should not be less than 150 feet away.

P16 Series (16 MM Pitch) Recommended for text and images applications, however with a viewing distance of at least 55 feet, the P16 Series can provide an acceptable video output.

P10 Series (10 MM Pitch) Recommended for videos, images and text from a viewing distance of at least 32 feet. Typically the best solution  for most outdoor applications.

The Surefire High Definition LED Screen Modules squeeze as many pixels into as little space as possible. Our HD LED series accomplishes this tight pixel placement by using a special type of pixel known as an SMD pixel. The SMD Pixel is made from a single LED that is capable of generating the full RGB spectrum by itself. It eliminates the need to reserve space normally used to accommodate the 3 or 4 single color LEDs required to create a standard pixel. The SMD’s smaller pixel footprint lets us increase pixel density by incorporate more total pixels, which in turn results in images and video that is unparalleled in clarity and effect.

P8 Series (8 MM Pitch) 

P6 Series (6 MM Pitch)

Surefire High Definition LED Series
Surefire High Definition Cabinet and Modules.