Surefire Full Color LED Display System

Outdoor permanent LED Screen fixtures

The SureFire Full Color LED Display is a versatile system that is perfect for indoor and outdoor electronic sign applications. This system is available in any size, even outdoor LED Billboard. It provides a beautiful edge to edge borderless LED display that delivers bright and clean video no matter where installed.

Name Your Size

Choose from a variety of different enclosure dimensions. This sign can be built as small or as big as you need it to be made. It even scales to full outdoor billboard sizes.

Weather Proof

Ingress Protection Grade IP65 cabinets are single piece aluminum constructed enclosures. Water and ice can’t get into them because the cabinet and signs are corrosion proof and have no openings to breach.

Extremely Bright

Goes the distance to reach your audience, even in direct sunlight.

Front Access

Leave the screws at home and forget about working upside-down inside a small metal oven.  Servicing this sign is as easy as pulling a book off a shelf. LED panels pop right out of the front of the sign housing with the turn of key.

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Surefire Portable LED Display System

Uncompromising flexibility and performance for portable applications

Hanging rental LED system

The SureFire Full Color Portable Display system is a complete turn key video solution for indoor and outdoor portable and rental LED applications. Consisting of lightweight and durable interlocking 24″ x 24″ LED screen panels, this system is extremely versatile and can be deployed as a stacked or hanging system in any size and dimension required.


This system packs a punch, offering resolutions, brightness, and performance every bit as good as our full color LED sign cabinet line.

Weather Proof

Weather proof, and water tight, these panels can perform in a wide variety of temperatures and climate conditions without missing a beat.

Easily Scaleable

Use as many or as few panels as needed to achieve whatever dimension display an event may call for.

Agile and Portable

These modular interlocking display panels are extremely portable. Their lightweight makes transportation, setup, and tear down a quick and easy task.

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Surefire LED Mesh Series

LED Solutions for indoor and outdoor events

Curved LED Mesh Display

This high brightness waterproof LED mesh system delivers excellent performance, especially in outdoor applications, in our most portable design yet.  With it’s diverse capabilities, it is perfect for stages, fairs, and even permanent installations. The fast lock LED Mesh panels enable quick and easy setup and tear down, and the LED mesh is extreemly power efficient. It does not require any fans or cooling equipment and runs completely silently.

Silent Operation

Runs completely silently so it can be used in any application, even those in close proximity to person occupied areas.

Contour Shaped Display

The LED mesh can be used to construct curved LED display surfaces. It literally provides flexibility while delivering stunning perceptual impact.

Outdoor Champion

Performs extremely well in outdoor applications. With IP65 waterproofing and a brightness output of more than 7000 NITS, the show can go on rain or shine.

Light Weight

LED mesh modules are extremely light weight and are perfect for applications that rely on constant portability.

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Community First Bank LED Sign and Lighted Box Sign

Our lighted, eye-catching exterior box signs come with a variety of options to meet your advertising needs. They are a perfect accompaniment to an LED pole sign or free standing monument, or they can be wall mounted to your building to mark your business’ location presence.  Keep your brand front and center without tying up valuable ad Realestate on your LED display.


There are many different material and manufacturing options when it comes to creating your sign’s lens artwork.

All Weather

Can stand up to 140+ mph weather beatings from mother nature.

Highly Visible

These large surface well lit signs that feature your custom artwork can easily grab customer attention.


Extremely cost effective visual advertising. Low production cost, minimal maintenance, and product longevity deliver visibility for your business affordably.

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Freshly fabricated channel letter sign

Channel Letters are one of the most aesthetic and eye catching ways to brand your building’s location. They are an art form in and of themselves with as many configuration options, feature accents, and accessories as a person can imagine. Learn more about the complete range of channel letter manufacturing materials and illumination options.

Eye Catching

These dramatically lit 3D fabricated options pop right off your building and easily capture customer attention.

Many Design Options

Signs can be made and illuminated with a number of materials and lighting effects to create an eye popping display.

Long Lasting

Made from aluminum or plastic this durable durable, non corroding signs will stand the test of time.


Extremely cost effective visual advertising. Low production cost, minimal maintenance, and product longevity deliver visibility for your business affordably.

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