Surefire Sign is an industry leading manufacturer of LED Sign systems, featuring a full line of high-quality innovative LED Sign products and electronic display systems to suit a wide variety of needs and applications. Our Independent Authorized Distributor program is available to offer wholesale access to the entire Surefire Display product line for any company that wishes to carry our industry leading LED display solutions as an extension of their own offerings, and to sell, build, and install customer solutions with the Surefire Product line.

Today the LED Sign market is estimated to be more than a 3 billion dollar per year industry. Surefire Sign is looking for existing sign companies, independent representatives, and sign installers who are serious about growing their business, and taking a piece of that revenue for themselves by incorporating our LED Display technologies into their business’s offerings.

Authorized Distributor Program Details

The Surefire Sign Independent Distributor program has been designed to be as universally accessible as possible. This has been done with the specific intention of avoiding exclusions of even a single potential partner from joining for any reason other than professional integrity and reputation issues. Surefire Sign places an exceptionally high value on honest business practice and customer service and we demand the same from anybody who intends to work alongside us.

Our intention in creating this program was to provide every sign company in the USA reliable access to a superior LED sign product, and to make sourcing quality components a simple and reliable endeavor. When you choose to become an authorized distributor, you can confidently expect that:

  • there are no costs to apply or enroll in the program.
  • we do not have any ongoing maintenance or membership fees associated with the program.
  • we do not require any minimum purchase thresholds.
  • we will never require any distributor to inventory Surefire Sign product(s) if they don’t want to. We even provide timely drop ship service directly to your customers whenever a distributor order is received.

Registration and Participation Requirements

While the Independent Distributor program is an incredibly simple one to take advantage of, we do still have a have a few important requirements in order to join. The biggest commitment we ask of our distributor partners who have been accepted into our program is to purchase and carry at least one Surefire Sign demo sign kit on hand. We require this of all our dealers because we know that your sales process is much more effective when a customer has the ability to have a firsthand product experience. You will have an easier time selling the LED sign solution, and your customer will be able to see the high quality materials and craftsmanship that go into the sign. It enables all distributors to provide a similar customer experience with a tangible product, and puts you in a much stronger position to close than only relying on a concept and a promise.

Thank you for considering a partnership with SureFire Sign.

If you have any questions about the Surefire Distributor program that have not been answered here, please feel free to call or email us to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have.