Planning, Design, and Engineering Services

At the heart of every project is an idea, and Surefire Sign makes it easy to breath life into your ideas. The only thing you need to bring us is your LED sign vision and a general direction, and we can literally take care of the rest. Surefire Sign inc. has years of experience designing, building, and installing incredible sign solutions for almost every conceivable application. Our exceptional staff is here to help turn your vision into a full sign project design and construction plan. Our experts help you design your sign with the appropriate aesthetic to accomplish your goals, and create a plan and materials budget for the project. We will even help you navigate local and state code requirements and permit filings so that you can be confident that the sign system design we create is actually legally accomplishable in your municipality.

LED Display Engineering

Construction & Installation Services

Planning, design, and engineering is important, but it is only half the battle. Surefire Sign inc. also conveniently handles the other half as well, taking care of all your sign construction and installation needs. Surefire Sign relies on our extensive network of certified construction and installation experts, a diverse fleet of service vehicles, and the latest tools and technologies to get sign jobs done perfectly for each customer. We even help our clients navigate their local governance’s bureaucratic construction processes, ensuring that all work is done correctly and in compliance of any local and state code requirements.

We make every effort to run construction projects or sign installations in a way that is as minimally disruptive to our customer’s business and operations as possible. Our technicians arrive on-site and on time, with fully equipped vehicles to get the build or install job done quickly and correctly.


Billboard Installation